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Rustica Restaurant, Design in Detail

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Overlooking Newcastle Beach
Tel/ 4929 3333  Fax/ 4927 1876

The history
Designed by local designer Dion Ackland, in association with owners Will Creedon and Mark Hosie, Rustica began taking shape in September 2010. The first guests were welcomed on the 17th August 2011.
The theme of the restaurant is inspired by the culture of the Mediterranean, particularly from the 16th and 17th centuries. Many items within the restaurant have been sourced and salvaged from countries such as Spain, or have been created using time honoured methods showcasing the craft and workmanship rarely seen modern building design today.

The Entrance
Spanish entrance gates leads into the foyer. A 17th century stone window salvaged from an Italian chapel is housed within an iron rose trellis created by a Spanish blacksmith

The Archway
Constructed using reclaimed material from a demolition site in Spain.

The Windows (overlooking the Royal Plaza)
The window coverings are French wrought iron grills and just above are replica Spanish deed boxes.

The Fresco (overlooking the Royal Plaza)
Is taken from the painting ‘The Last Judgement’

The Bar
The handmade tiles are created by local sculptural artist Jane Smith and number over 1000. The image of ‘basket of fruit with parrots’ is inspired by Italian artist Carravagio. The image of ‘dog and sticks’ is inspired by Gerard Doe, a Spanish artist from the early 1600’s.


The bar top is made from aged iron and created in the style of old 19th century Parisian bistros

The wine racks behind the bar have been modelled on antique French riddling champagne racks

The bull’s head is from Palermo Sicily and would have traditionally adorned the entrance doorway to a butcher’s shop.


The Mirror Mosaic Wall & Wrought Iron Pieces
Inspired by 18th century Spanish mirrors, large single sheets of mirror were often reserved for only those of great wealth. Individually hand crafted iron rosettes adorn the wall. Other iron pieces have been created by Sydney and Hunter blacksmiths; Wendy & Will McGuire and Dave Skelton


Wall Feature (overlooking Newcastle Beach)
The first image is called ‘a giant squid attacking a Galleon’
The map featured in the centre of the wall is that of the Mediterranean in 1651. The original map is owned by Rustica.
The third image is ‘sea monster’, an early 19th century painting of a mythical sea monster attacking sailors.


The Sandstone
The sandstone was reclaimed from a local site and laid by local stonemasons Tony and Mark Hollifield.


The Communal Table & The Spanish Mice
The table is a replica of a traditional Spanish banquet table. Featured on the table are two mice sculptures, another mouse hides in another part of the restaurant (keep a look out).


The Ceiling
The majority of the timber is reclaimed oak. Over 500 lanterns are suspended in the ceiling. The old wine barrels were the final element in completing the ceiling feature.



The Pillar
The large pillar in front of the bar is covered with a copy of a painting which is found in a small chapel in Chile. Special authorisation and permission was required to obtain the image. The image represents and describes heaven and hell, conveying the message to parishioners about how easy it is to fall to hell and how difficult it is to ascend to heaven.


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